I have spent the last 48 hours playing with and configuring the Player-M to work with JINX.

Everything OK so far!

Now I have recorded some effects in JINX and put them on a SD card. But the player is not reading or playing the files.

Can anybody help?

I have 3 effects files recorded from JINX on the SD card, I have changed them to .TP2
(Do I need to convert these files? I dont think so)

I have included a (.txt) file named (_CONFI_) with a zero in the route directory of the SD card.
(I also tried changing the .txt to .TP2!)

The SD card LED is solid red.
(So the SD card and files are OK and waiting to be read)

The system status LED is flashing green (every 3 seconds)
(Not sure what this means)

If I press button 1 I get a red/green flashing system status
(So card is waiting to be read)

But still no show.

What am I doing wrong?

Do the effects files from JINX (.jnr) need to be converted to 8.3DOS format? How?

Thanks for any advice.